Crash of the Titans (PSP)

Crash of the Titans (PSP) USA: 480 MB, EU: 477 MB

Game Details:
Crash of the Titans
Radical Entertainment
Sierra Entertainment
Crash Bandicoot
PSP, PS2, NDS, GBA, Wii, Xbox 360
USA, Europe, Australia
Action / Platform
October, 2007
E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)

In Crash of the Titans, players fight a nefarious plot hatched by Crash's arch nemeses Neo and Nina Cortex to mutate the local creatures into titanic abominations. Using Crash's legendary mix of outrageous antics and daredevil bravado, players "hijack" enemies to take control of their action and use their fearsome powers against all manner of enemies. "Jack to Attack!" – Control, play and battle as 15 enemies, including titanic creatures such as Scorporilla, Ratcicle, Magamadon and Shellephant. While in control of a monster players can throw toxic stink bombs, call lightning down from the sky, fire lasers beams from their eyes or even impale enemies with a massive scorpion tail - use all of the creatures' special abilities to defeat Neo and Nina Cortex. Crash now has a powerful acrobatic fighting system that includes punches and flying kicks, multiple attacks and special counter moves. Players can power-up skills to unlock new attacks and blazing combos. Crash can now interact with his world in totally new ways. Players can wall-run, swing from ropes and flip off springboards – Crash can even toss Aku Aku on the ground to surf, skate, grind and shred. At any point in the game, a second player can join in the fun and play as Carbon-Crash to help unleash total chaos. In a totally innovative twist to co-op action gaming, Crash can even jack Carbon-Crash (or vice versa) for some hysterical Crash "jacked"-Crash mayhem.


File Details:
Disc ID ULUS10304 ULES00918
Size Compressed
480 MB 477 MB
Original Size
779 MB 775 MB
61% 61%
Game Format
File Format

Download Link:
Single Link: (USA 480 MB, EU 477 MB)
USA Link
EU Link
Google Drive

Save Data:
For USA (ULUS10304)
Save 1
100% Complete!!! All Gold Statues, Skins + Upgrades!!! (18 KB)
Save 2
62% Complete, all episodes completed(20/20), Max Health: 3/3, Spin time: 5/6, Slide time: 5/6, Upgrades: 23/27, Total Mojo: 974040, Jacks: 490 (18 KB)
Save 3
62% complete, All upgrades, Free Kick unlocked (22 KB)
Save 4
87% complete, All upgrades, All mojo rooms unlocked, All skins unlocked (except valentine), Free Kick unlocked (22 KB)
Save 5
93% Complete (missing a few gold statues and a couple of mojo rooms), All episodes completed(20/20), Max Health: 3/3, Spin time: INFINITY, Slide time: 16 Seconds, Upgrades: 27/27, Total Mojo: 2290270, Jacks: 1259, 18/19 Skins (19 KB)

For Europe (ULES00918)
Save 1
100% Complete (18 KB)
*to load save data download save data above, extract the DICS ID folder to the directory PSP/SAVEDATA. play the game and select Load Game
*DICS ID game and save data must be the same

PPSSPP Emulator:
Download PPSSPP Emulator for all platform link here

PPSSPP Cheats:
Download cheats here
Download Link
Google Drive
*to active cheats on PPSSPP go to Settings, klik System, sroll down and klik Enable Cheats
*On PC or Android extract and copy cheats.db file to directory PSP\Cheats
*To use it play the game then pause and click cheats, click Import from cheat.db
*Click cheats again and select cheats what you want
*If no cheats list means the game not support cheats features
*If cheats not work just restart the game or PPSSPP
*Not all cheats work properly and not all game support cheats feature

Other Cheats:
How to Unlock Skins
How to Unlock
Scorporilla Skin
Jack 15 Scorporillas
Shellephant Skin
Jack 15 Shellephants
Goar Skin
Jack 30 Goars
Rhinoroller Skin
Jack 30 Rhinorollers
Battler Skin
Jack 35 Battlers
EE-Lectric Skin
Jack 50 EE-Lectrics
Magmadon Skin
Jack 50 Magmadons
Sludge Skin
Jack 50 Sludges
Snipe Skin
Jack 50 Snipes
Spike Skin
Jack 50 Spikes
Stench Skin
Jack 50 Stenches
Bratgirl Skin
Defeat 130 Brat Girls
Koo-Ala Skin
Defeat 150 Koo-Alas
Ratnician Skin
Defeat 200 Ratnicians
Voodoo Bunny Skin
Defeat 200 Voodoo Bunnies
Doom Monkey Skin
Defeat 500 Doom Monkeys
Halloween Skin
Complete 50% of the game
Valentine Skin
Collect all Gold Idols
Note: These are all the possible skins you can get for Crash. Wearing a type of skin allows you to knock-out the creature your skin is from, then jack him immediately. Ex: If you wear the Spike Skin, you can knock him out in one hit, then jack him.

Big Head Crash
While holding R1, press Square, Square, Triangle, and X
Shadow Crash (Invisible)
While holding R1, press Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, and X
Note: Input the code while the game is paused. Input the code again to deactivate it, while paused. Make sure to hold down "R1" when pressing "Resume Game".

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